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THE FARM....We own and operate a small regenerative certified organic farm in Westbury, Tasmania. On our farm we have certified organic pastured chicken and duck eggs, a 1000m2 market garden, 3 poly tunnels and a small flock of organic lamb. We produce seasonal vegetables including beans, potato's, garlic, salad greens, cucumbers, snow peas, tomato's and lots of other goodies that we sell direct from our retail store. We seasonally sell fresh certified organic lamb. STORE OUTLET.....The Organic Grocery store is located in South Launceston where we supply not only our own grown and produced farm products but also supply affordable organic and sustainable products and groceries. In store we aim to source and sell all our products and goods in the best condition at affordable prices. OUR LIFE.....While packed with lots of love, adventure and forging our own paths with our kids, it is very much based around sustainable and organic living. We live totally off grid by catching our own rainwater, powering our home off the sun with solar panels and batteries and everything we cannot use anymore we recycle or compost into our own veggie patch.


We grow, buy and use local Tasmanian products from local Premium Tasmanian growers, manufacturers, and suppliers. If unavailable we then purchase throughout Australia sourcing Premium products.


We grow, buy and supply products that follow basic sustainable guidelines such as reduced wastage in manufacturing, reduced plastics, minimal transport, organic and chemical free. We use paper bags and compostable plastics and supply a range of products in bulk so that you can refill existing containers. We only order fresh and chilled produce as needed and this limits the need to have lots of fridges and freezers eating up all that power.


We love natural products that are produced with the help of hard work and mother nature. They are by far more tastier, more sustainable and all round better for you than those that have many additives and enhancers so this is why we look to grow, buy and supply the most natural of products to sell in our store. We hope you do as well.

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Why Shop with us?

We are a local Tasmanian family owned and operated farm and store employing local Tasmanians. We also have the largest range of premium local products on offer in Tasmania

We have a fully stocked store where you can come in and shop for all your grocery needs

For extra convenience we can offer an ordering and delivery service anywhere in Tasmania. Please give us a call to discuss


What our customer are saying?

Best organic shop in the north of tassie. lovely genuine owners who work in their store and only stock good food. give the others in lonny the miss and enjoy great service and huge fresh food selection.

Corinne Coombs

An amazing vegan range and they are so very lovely and helpful. Speciality orders are also welcome. I always go in for one thing and walk out with a box full of my favourites and new items to try!

Francesca Eddington

A very impressive range of healthy products are available here. Bought organic apples and Vegan strawberry ice cream. Yummy!

Christila Chandra

Just popped in today, the owner was very helpful and having just been to another 'organic store' this store is much better value! Will definitely be back:)

Nadine Ozols